About Mrs. Creath

My name is Leslie Creath & I currently teach Middle School World Geography. I grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated from Texas Tech University in 2003. I began teaching in 2004 in Texas and have enjoyed every year more and more. I have taught in urban, suburban and rural schools teaching Science and Math. My teaching style is very student-centered. I believe that when students are in charge of their learning, they will enjoy it more, thus learn more. 

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Matthew and dog, Maggie, baking and playing the guitar and singing. In 2009, I released a CD of my songs. Click here to find my CD on iTunes. Travelling is also a passion of mine. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the Philippines, India, France, Australia and Jamaica, as well as Hawaii, New York, California, Colorado and several other states. I hope to travel to Africa or South America next.


The goal of this website is used to communicate with students, parents and stakeholders. Test reviews, study guides, and other general information will be posted here.